more bulgarian talants 2

the next link confirms once again the incomparable and frightening beauty of bulgarian language:

the author of the poetry is Hristo Botev performed by Stefan Getzov.

just excellent!

a. asenov


More useful links

Here are some more useful web-links, for those who want to discover a hole new world of  passion and excitement and do not afraid to explore unknown territories!
And of course for those who want to forget their not so happy life ’til now, the solution is easy – make your new start – learn Bulgarian!
Enjoy them, and go further! Make the decision step! Start learning Bulgarian now!
There are so many other unexpected suprises, waiting for you!
Hurry up!
A. Asenov

Bulgarian Culture

There are a lots of bulgarian artists which work is very well known all over the world. One of the  youngests is the opera singer Svetlana Vassileva. 

Here you can convince yourself in her talant:
By the way, do you know who is this man?

That’s right – Christo Javacheff!!!
And how do you think, what is his nationality? Of course – Bulgarian! 
But this is not all. There are others.
Like this, for example:

John Atanasov.gif

John Vincent Atanasoff – with Bulgarian  ancestry!


Or this!
Boris Hristov


and Nicolai Ghiaurov.

Two of the world’s greatest opera singers!
Guess what! Yeah, that’s right – Bulgarians!
So, for now, I think that’s enough. Expect more!


Here they are:
Rayna Kabaivanska

Anna Tomowa-Sintow

Alexandrina Pendatchanska

Vesselina Kasarova


and the great bulgarian pianist Ludmil Angelov






A. Asenov

The language quality

One of the most important quality of Bulgarian language is its unusual clarity. It is almost impossible to find a language with more clear sound borders. In Bulgarian you can distinguish very easaly every singal letter and syllable. This characteristic makes the understanding of the bulgarian speach much more easaly and comfortable for learning in compare with other foreign languages. So it would be very comfortable to learn it. Don’t have any fear! It is easier than you think! Once you begin you will see the beauty of Bulgarian, and you won’t want to stop.
But it is not only the language that will charm you once you arrive in Bulgaria. The unusualy beauty of the bulgarian nature can’t leave any human indifferent. One more important reason to visit Bulgaria are the very cheep goods and wares, so your budget won’t be seriously damaged.
And if you still feel some uncertainties, here you can hear one beatiful bulgarian song, which can help you to make your notion for the bulgarian language more precise:
OK, OK! I now. You will say – Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and so on, and so on. OK, I agree, but … just a moment!
Just hear this!  –
and this –;;
Not bad, ah? Not at all bad!
And what about this!  –
Or this   –
Come on!  They are good!  Veeery good! It is almost unimaginable, that you will miss all this beauty!
Just like that! It is at your fingertips! And you pass THIS!   IMPOSSIBLE!!!


A. Asenov