Bulgarian Culture

There are a lots of bulgarian artists which work is very well known all over the world. One of the  youngests is the opera singer Svetlana Vassileva. 

Here you can convince yourself in her talant:
By the way, do you know who is this man?

That’s right – Christo Javacheff!!!
And how do you think, what is his nationality? Of course – Bulgarian! 
But this is not all. There are others.
Like this, for example:

John Atanasov.gif

John Vincent Atanasoff – with Bulgarian  ancestry!


Or this!
Boris Hristov


and Nicolai Ghiaurov.

Two of the world’s greatest opera singers!
Guess what! Yeah, that’s right – Bulgarians!
So, for now, I think that’s enough. Expect more!


Here they are:
Rayna Kabaivanska

Anna Tomowa-Sintow

Alexandrina Pendatchanska

Vesselina Kasarova


and the great bulgarian pianist Ludmil Angelov






A. Asenov

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